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Copywriter | Content Writer

35 Years Experience in Customer-First Writing
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I spent two-and-a-half years researching, writing and producing three presentations to help businesses improve their marketing and sales, and I’ve given the presentations several times to positive reviews.

As you can tell by the cover slides below, the presentations do not look like typical business presentations, and that’s by design. As much as businesses don’t like to hear it, many employees (or most) find plain PowerPoint presentations dull. Disengaged attention means people retain less information, and that impacts the desired business goal by which presentations were originally created.

I create slides designed to evoke attention and deliver visual value from a position of customer-first marketing. Many have told me that they’ve never seen business presentations like mine, and they really appreciate that.

If you’re interested in any of the below presentations to help you grow your business, click here to drop me a line.

Boost Your Conversions With 3 Easy Vegas Secrets

Why do over 40-million people visit Las Vegas annually to spend billions of dollars when there are any number of other cities to visit with casinos, shows and hotels?

That’s the question I focused on for over two years after two visits to Las Vegas to attend MarketingSherpa Summit, And what I discovered is that the physical design of everything in Vegas is the embodiment of marketing-funnel perfection.

This presentation examines how Vegas leverages the 3 key principles of marketing—attraction, value and customer-first marketing—and how you can easily apply the same principles to improve your marketing and sales.

The Future of Video Marketing:

Optimizing Video Engagement to Increase Fans, Leads and Profits

Marketers have long included the traditional video sales letter (VSL) in their marketing campaigns, and many still do. Yet research shows that a new generation of consumers are increasingly averse to the VSL. So does the traditional video sales letter have a future? Should it be abandoned?

This presentation shows that the VSL may have a future but not at the start of the marketing funnel where many marketers continue to place them. The evidence of a fundamental paradigm shift in video marketing points to a new funnel—the spoke funnel—with the VSL positioned at the end to better increase fans, leads and profits.

7 Writing Mistakes That Cost Companies Large

Poor writing doesn’t just harm a company’s reputation. Poor writing negatively impacts sales.


According to research by Charles Duncombe (Director of the Just Say Please Group), a single spelling mistake can cut measured website revenue per visitor in half.

This presentation examines seven common writing mistakes that cost companies in lost sales and how to easily avoid them.

Un-Boring Slides!

Each slide in each presentation combines solid research with evocative design to engage attention and improve retention for maximum practical value to any business.

If you’re interested in such a presentation...


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