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Copywriter | Content Writer

35 Years Experience in Customer-First Writing
B2B | B2C

If I am your ideal customer, why should I buy your product or service over any of your competitors?

Product Sheets Are Value Propositions


In most cases, companies or individuals don’t dominate their market segment because they have superior products or services. They simply know how to clearly communicate an effective value proposition, which answers the central question to all prospective customers:






The ideal product sheet answers this question from a customer perspective by defining:

  • Primary benefits of your product or service

  • Your “only factor”—the one thing your product or service has that competitors don’t have

  • Proof of claims so prospects can see you’re not just making stuff up


The ideal product sheet also reduces customer friction by addressing potential objections to your product or service:

  • Are there risks involved?

  • Is it easy to use?

  • Can I try it without making a commitment?


In other words, product sheets are more than trade-show handouts that you may or may not need. Product sheets are essential and powerful tools for marketing and sales teams to define their unique position in their market segment and leverage strong messaging for improved profitability.

In addition to writing an extensive range of product sheets for LifeLearn Animal Health, I've researched and written value propositions and even business plans for small companies and startups.

Product Catalogues

While I’ve only written a few product catalogues, I’ve learned that marketers often seek the dual purpose of providing customers with good information to help them get the most out of a product while incentivizing sales of other products or services by incorporating the product-sheet sensibility into catalogue pages.

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